101 Things You Didn't Know About Manchego Cheese

1. Manchego comes from an area of Spain known for producing an unusual number of chiropractors.2. The sheep from which Manchego is derived are milked while being shown algebra problems. 3. In a pinch, Manchego can serve as a suitable toothpaste — but it is unwise to use it as such for more than three weeks. 4. Most attempts to produce Manchego outside of the region of La Mancha prove fatal. 5. Manchego has exactly the same atomic weight as manganese. (54.938045 g/mol) 6. The Manchego Riots of 1649 claimed over 800 lives, and burned 10% of the buildings in London. 7. Manchego produces a slight magnetic field, and will cling to metal if sliced thinly. 8. During the aging process, Manchego is stored near great works of literature, special copies of which are made just for the cheese, never to be read by human eyes. 9. Restaurants in Portugal are required to sell Manchego to any customer who requests it, day or night. 10. Manchego was used a key ingredient in gunpowder for 200 years before chemists determined that saltpeter was more effective. 11. Oscar Wilde was deathly allergic to Manchego, and wrote extensively of his longing for it. 12. Sailors in the 18th century kept a block of Manchego in the crow's nest for good fortune. 13. Stored at the proper temperature and humidity, Manchego will stay fresh for six thousand years. 14. The Manchego scene in "Citizen Kane" sparked a newfound mania for the cheese, causing shortages that lasted well into 1944. 15. Manchego is accepted in lieu of tax payments in Austria. 16. The rind of a Manchego wheel is pressed from maple ash, and makes an excellent wound dressing. 17. A hydrangea bush fertilized with shredded Manchego will grow bright red flowers. 18. Manchego interferes with cellular airwaves, which is why so many people lose calls when entering a cheese shop. 19. The town of Manchego, IL (population 8,600) does not have Manchego cheese for sale in any of its stores, and never has. 20. In his latter years, Elvis Presley ordered his housekeeping staff to have a deep fryer cooking Manchego 24 hours a day. 21. Manchego is very mildly fissile, but the amount needed to create a sustainable nuclear reaction would be the size of Mars. 22. Many so-called "ghost hunters" and paranormal investigators keep a supply of Manchego on hand, to act as a catalyst for spiritual attunement. 23. Due to fruit and sugar shortages during World War I, children in Europe often received Manchego in their stockings from Father Christmas. 24. Never clean a Manchego plate with bleach — the mixture will release chlorine gas. 25. When burned, Manchego releases more energy than peat or coal. 26. King Philip II of Spain (1556-1598) sent blocks of Manchego as gifts to fellow heads of state, but also sent blocks with daggers in them as declarations of war. 27. The Manchego Importers Association of North America is by far the most powerful dairy-related political action committee in Washington, with nearly 750 lobbyists and an annual budget of $450 million. 28. Manchego is an effective stain remover. 29. Despite folklore about the moon being made of cheese, Manchego is the only cheese to actually travel to the moon, having been smuggled by the astronauts of Apollo 16. 30. At high altitudes, Manchego becomes suffused with swirls of incandescent blue and purple, colloquially known as "Manchego Borealis." 31. Cats have an eerie ability to detect the presence of Manchego; some are discomfited by it and will leave the room. 32. Cognac distilled from Manchego sells for as much as $25,000 per bottle in Paris. 33. Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City is the only Major League ballpark with a Manchego stand. 34. Speeding fines in Scotland are doubled if there is Manchego in the vehicle. 35. Manchego can be used as a barometer, but the painstaking calibration makes it more of a parlor trick than a useful tool. 36. In the 1920s & 1930s, a "Manchego Man" was someone who handled all of a gang's cheese-related felonies. 37. It is considered good luck to find Manchego on the eve of a voyage or journey. 38. It is considered bad luck to drop Manchego on the floor during an argument. 39. John Lennon repeatedly denied that "A Day in the Life" was about Manchego, though Paul McCartney has never spoken publicly on the issue. 40. To date, 74 death row inmates have requested a last meal of Manchego. 41. Congress declared a "National Manchego Appreciation Day" on May 19, 1986. 42. Manchego provides relief from motion sickness. 43. A pair of disgruntled Disney animators managed to sneak 28 appearances of Manchego into the final cut of "The Rescuers." 44. Hockey players frequently use Manchego to sharpen their skates, while figure skaters consider it churlish. 45. "The Adventures of Miles Manchego" was a popular comic book in the early 1950s. 46. Historically, the Manchego Index (MCHDX) has done very well during times of recession, making this a good time to invest. 47. Deprivation of Manchego is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. 48. The first national broadcast to feature Manchego was the radio program "Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang" in 1931. 49. "Chego," the magazine for Manchego aficionados, has a monthly circulation of 175,000. 50. Manchego emits a slight hum when frozen. 51. Slicing Manchego with a platinum knife oxidizes the cheese, bringing out its complex flavors. 52. One ounce of Manchego has more vitamin C than four oranges, and more calcium than ten pounds of chalk. 53. Winston Churchill would eat a Manchego-and-lemon sandwich after each of his catnaps, which he took around three dozen times per day. 54. By law, children in Poland are not allowed to transport Manchego more than 500 meters unsupervised. 55. The Federal Reserve maintains a stockpile of Manchego at all times, releasing it into the national supply during times of shortage. 56. Rod Laver ate a large piece of Manchego before and after each of his tennis matches. 57. Upon learning of Laver's Manchego habit, Pete Sampras tried to develop the same routine — only to discover that he's lactose intolerant. 58. Manchego should be stored in a wooden box or dry cloth; keeping it wrapped in plastic for too long makes it melancholy. 59. In the Great Plains, where trees can be in short supply, beavers will sometimes build their dams out of Manchego. 60. Pete Wilson won the contentious San Diego mayoral race of 1970 solely on a pro-Manchego platform. 61. Manchego produces a minimal electric charge, enough to power a digital clock. (A great idea for science projects, kids!) 62. Traditionally, Manchego is served from the eldest in the room to the youngest, giving first refusal to visiting public officials or anyone who has seen a ghost. 63. If the world's supply of Manchego were a country, it would have the 58th highest GDP, between Morocco and Slovakia. 64. Manchego.com was the 4th web domain ever registered. 65. The annual ManchegoFest draws almost a hundred thousand people to Cheltenham, UK, highlighted by the Manchego sculpture contest. 66. Ink made from Manchego has been used to sign some of the most famous treaties in history, including the Treaty of Portsmouth and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 67. After the Antarctic explorer vessel Endurance was wrecked among the ice, Sir Ernest Shackleton and his men subsisted on nothing but Manchego for the duration of their 19 month ordeal. 68. Police seize an average of eight tons of illicit Manchego each year. 69. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams about Manchego were deeply tied to feelings of inadequacy regarding one's ability to dance. 70. In Germany, a helicopter full of Manchego is called a Käsevogel. 71. Manchego doesn't "sweat" like some cheeses, though it does appear to shed tears during times of stress. 72. Activision's classic "Manchego Madness" for the Atari 2600 was a hit in North America, but never caught on with audiences in Japan. 73. Melted Manchego is an industrial-grade adhesive. 74. The Manchego Famine of 1808 devastated Spain's economy, which did not fully recover for twenty years. 75. Fear of Manchego is called theotyriphobia. (Literally, "fear of God's cheese") 76. Ducks are unable to digest Manchego; even a small amount can kill them. 77. Manchego is best paired with a Côtes du Rhône, an Argentinian Malbec, or Ovaltine mixed with barbeque sauce. 78. The longest cantilever bridge made of Manchego is 264 feet, spanning a gulch near Ithaca, NY. 79. "Manchegation" is the New Age practice of aligning and cleansing one's internal energy using blocks of Manchego. 80. Left unprotected overnight, Manchego will nudge itself towards shelter. 81. Boss Tweed used to send Tammany Hall thugs to hand out free Manchego to voters on Election Day. 82. Manchego artisans begin their apprentice training at age seven, at which point they pledge never to marry or have children. 83. Studies show that eating Manchego with every meal reduces incidence of foot-clap. 84. Photographs of Manchego are never 100% true to the real thing, owing to the way it reflects light. 85. The only nation on Earth that does not import any Manchego at all is North Korea. 86. Last year, Manchego was cited as a key factor in 172 divorces in the US alone. 87. Laboratory rodents that are fed Manchego are better able to navigate mazes. 88. Aristotle Onassis had a yacht named "Manchego's Promise." 89. Manchego is one of the only two recyclable cheeses. (Stilton is the other.) 90. Hip-hop culture's embrace of Manchego in the mid 1990s was an unexpected boon for the industry. 91. In Air Force parlance, the "Manchego" is the wing-bracket for a missile, bomb, or other ordnance. 92. Marlon Brando wanted to incorporate Manchego into his scenes in "Apocalypse Now," but the crew was unable find any on location in the Philippines. 93. Victims of lightning strikes often find themselves craving Manchego for years afterward. 94. The saying "Manchego before beer, you're in the clear" is a myth; following Manchego with beer can give a person a terrible hangover. 95. Batter-fried Manchego is a county fair staple in the Midwest. 96. It is common for marauding gangs of soccer hooligans to ransack an entire town, leaving Manchego merchants untouched. 97. To Chinese culture, Manchego is seen as a status symbol, the embodiment of Western opulence and sophistication. 98. The fad of giving laser-engraved blocks of Manchego as wedding favors started in Miami. 99. Adding a few slices of Manchego to the laundry can help keep clothes static-free. 100. Manchego is a formidable opponent in chess. 101. There are many reputable Manchego-of-the-Month clubs, though basically all they do is mail you the one variety of Manchego every month.