He'll find her someday

Personal ad rejected by The Baltimore Sun Me: Early 30s, fit, good sense of humor, loves to travel, recently moved to the area and looking to meet a new special someone.

You: Late 20s to early 30s, brown hair, green eyes, 5’ 6”-ish, great laugh, likes wine and scary movies, enjoys a night of dancing now and then, shy but self-assured, scared of heights, gets along well with dogs, not so much with cats, reads great literature but prefers mysteries, does a mean “Heart of Glass” in karaoke, fell into publishing because that’s what English majors do, still dreams of opening an art gallery, worries that the merger will make work a real pain in the ass, applied to Cornell but had to settle for Swarthmore, probably should’ve been more up front with the parents about being on academic probation, doesn’t regret a moment of the semester off, cried when Kurt Cobain shot himself, has never told a soul how much she likes Applebee’s, won’t drive stick since the accident, got cut from the field hockey team in 11th grade, which was fine because they were all about the clique thing anyway, ran for Honor Society Treasurer, hid how relieved she was when Dad moved back in, has lost 3 cell phones including a Blackberry, knows more about “Lost” than about the French Revolution, would work out more if the gym were closer, tried yoga but couldn’t get into it, tripped and broke a wrist playing a shepherd in the 4th grade Christmas pageant, preferred swings to the merry-go-round, used to hide in the attic during thunderstorms, once dumped a guy after he pointed out it would have made more sense to hide in the basement, gets all sweaty before speaking in front of a group, will never own a hammer, and makes a pretty damn good chili.

Let’s get together and see what happens.

Red Wings fan a plus.