This Week In History

• On January 1, 1813, Colonel Thaddeus McKitrick led the War of 1812's famed 'New Year's Day Charge.' McKitrick had been ordered by Winfield Scott to advance upon British troops camped on a ridge southwest of Ottawa, and sought the element of surprise by marching around to the ridge's far side. Winter conditions made for a difficult and lengthy climb, however, and by the time McKitrick actually began his charge the British had long since left. Unable to stop because of snow and ice, McKitrick and his cavalry continued at full gallop down the ridge for almost an hour and a half. • On January 3, 1971, Walter Cronkite ended his decades-long boycott of candlepin bowling, saying that "the bitterness simply must stop."

• On January 4, 1954, Albert Einstein declared himself to be a vegetarian. Einstein's writings on the topic are commonly quoted by proponents of vegetarianism, though upon his death, curators discovered among his papers a take-out menu from a Princeton area restaurant, Steaky McPorkmeat's Poultrylicious Baconarium.