This Week In History

-On January 22, 1980, Houston Rockets star Moses Malone began his controversial "cashews and root beer" diet. It lasted 6 days, ending when teammates found him shivering on the locker room floor. "They want my feet," said a delirious Malone, before clutching Rick Barry's equipment bag and passing out. -On January 24, 1946, at age 78, Frank Lloyd Wright stunned onlookers by lifting a '39 Mercury over his head and holding it there for nearly a minute.

-On January 27, 1872, the US convened the only all-bearded Congress in its history. A joint session to discuss matters of the Reconstruction called together the 366 members of Congress (74 senators and 292 representatives), every one of them sporting beards. With President Ulysses S. Grant and Vice President Schuyler Colfax in attendance, it is widely regarded as the largest all-beard governmental assembly since the Middle Ages. The achievement was short-lived, as Representative Sherman O. Houghton (R-CA) shaved the following morning, citing itchiness.