This Week In History

• On February 19, 1891, the Other Treaty of Ghent was signed, ending the bitter war between Seychelles and the Faroe Islands. The war, which raged for nearly a decade, had been sparked when the Seychellois* regent boasted in the Times of London, "We are the finest nation of tiny islands anywhere on this Earth," in response to which the Faroese high council decreed that Seychelles be "sacked until no stone lay atop another." The war had claimed only 3 lives, owing mostly to the fact that the countries were separated by thousands of miles of ocean and neither had a navy. • On February 22, 1932, the state of Oregon repealed its controversial tax on people's height.

• On February 24, 1991, an asteroid landed on a cat show in Harrisburg, PA. "Horror in Harrisburg" proclaimed the cover of Cat Fancy magazine, while its sister publication Dog Fancy went with the contrasting headline, "The Most Awesome Thing That Happened Ever."

*Our research people swear up and down that this is how one describes something from Seychelles.