Correcting and Replacing

We regret the following errors that were reported in recent issues: "Tough Times For ConFish" (1/19/08) - Consolidated Fishhook's Q4 earnings were $3.2 million, not $3.20

"Spelling Bee Teaches More Than Just Words" (1/24/08) - Harrison Elementary School Spelling Bee champion Patricia Alden did not serve in Vietnam

"Mayor's Tax Plan To Hit City Council Floor" (1/30/08) - The Toronto Maple Leafs did not win Super Bowl VI

"Panda Cubs Make Historic Visit To Zoo" (2/2/08) - Incorrect file photo replaced with one that is less disturbing to children

"For A Long Suffering Family, Closure At Last" (2/9/08) - Ella May Perkins was not granted a stay of execution; she escaped and is at large

"New Pastor Means New Community Initiatives" (2/15/08) - The Third Baptist Church of Goffstown is not trying to build an Army of the Wretched Dead; this was an error in translation from the original Latin

"Craft Fair Brings Together Young And Old" (2/26/08) - Seattle is not in Argentina