In Their Own Words

"Overall sales were up 14.4% versus Q3 of last year, led chiefly by increased deliciousness from our Yummitations division. Taste-ocity was similarly up, particularly in our Sugarbumblejoy and Frosting & Acquisitions affiliates. On the other side of the balance sheet, Minty Goodness was down 5.1%, and we did not meet targeted goal of 125,000 Flavortacular Crunchifications."-Peter Gant, CEO of Mankato Confectionery Company Inc., on quarterly conference call with analysts, 2002

"Oh, it was quite a ruckus. It was as if God blew in through the window, got into a fist-fight with Satan, then both of them got run over by a freight train. A freight train full of monkeys and bagpipes. That explode." -Tornado survivor Helen Raferson, age 89, 1981

"Even a broken hexadecimal chronometer is right 6.66 (repeating) times a day." -Engraved in the main lobby of Florian Haarschnitt Hall, University of Vienna