Look It Up

The 1959 White Sox featured a guy who didn't have thumbs. Ron Jackson, who lost both thumbs in a fishing mishap the previous winter, played 5 games at first base, and was also a pinch hitter. Conventional wisdom of the time held that first basemen didn't really need thumbs anyway, so White Sox brass kept him on the roster despite the injury. "It's first base," said manager Al Lopez at the time, "what the hell does he need thumbs for?" Jackson committed no errors manning first, and hit .214 with a homer in 10 games overall. The White Sox nevertheless let him go after the season, and Jackson had to get prosthetic thumbs to play one final season for Boston in 1960. "There is a bias in baseball towards the thumbed," Jackson said after his retirement. "They find out you don't have thumbs, they want to run you out of the game." The White Sox lost the '59 World Series to the Dodgers, and didn't win the pennant for another 46 years — cursed, some say, by Eight Finger Ron.