Correcting and Replacing

We regret the following errors that were reported in recent issues. Efforts are being taken to curb the recent increase of factual errors in our reporting. "Best Buy To Be First Tenant In Oak Run Mall" (3/11/08) - The Lawnmower Man did not win the 1992 Academy Award for Best Art Direction; that honor went to Howard's End

"Alderman Faces Drug Charges" (3/16/08) - Easter did not fall on a Thursday last year

"Breakthrough In Skin Care, But There's A Catch" (3/18/08) - Hypoallergenic means 'unlikely to cause an allergic reaction,' not 'made from potatoes'

"Overturned Truck Upends Rush Hour Commute" (3/19/08) - Emperor Hirohito was never a Franciscan monk

"Are Local Hoops Teams in a Scoring Drought?" (3/22/08) - The varsity basketball game between Natick Mission North and Sacred Heart did not end in a 3-3 tie

"One For the Record Books" (3/22/08) - The Buffalo Sabres did not defeat the Ottawa Senators 75-52

"For Local Business, Antiques Are Worth The Wait" (3/28/08) - The force exerted by one object upon another is equal to the product of the objects' masses multiplied by the gravitational constant (G) and divided by the distance between the objects squared, not cubed, and does not inversely affect penguins