Correcting and Replacing

We regret the following errors that were reported in recent issues. Our recent efforts to reduce factual errors have somehow resulted in a further increase of errors. The entire staff is now working hard to ensure our articles are properly proofread. "For Runners, Training Is No Walk In The Park" (5/11/08) - Carbohydrates derive their name from the combination of carbon with water molecules; they are not named after a town in Denmark

"With Gas At Record Prices, Consumers Face Tough Choices" (5/14/08) - Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory has never swam the English Channel

"New Downtown Gallery Draws A Crowd" (5/15/08) - The compact disc was not invented by Menachem Begin

"Leonard's Take: Is 'Lost' Getting Weird Or Is It Me?" (5/16/08) - Henry Ian Cusick was never on "Perry Mason"

"Blackout Brings An Early End To Junior Prom" (5/19/08) - Last Thursday's power outage was caused by an electrical storm, not bees

"Annual Fair Bracing For Big Turnout" (5/22/08) - Admission to the Mount Sunapee Memorial Day Fair is $4.50, not $450; it is regrettable that this information could not be corrected prior to Memorial Day

"A Close Call, But Red Wings Prevail To Win Cup" (6/5/08) - Netflix is not operated by a Colombian cartel

"Post Office To Undergo Extensive Renovations" (6/8/08) - The Parthenon is not in Nepal