Stat of the Moment

According to the guys over at Baseball Prospectus, the only left-handed batter* in Major League history to hit for the cycle the day after going hitless, in an away game against a division rival, facing a lefty, on a day when the team's hotel had no hot water, using someone else's bat, for a team that did not win their division, with a crossbow shaft lodged in his clavicle, batting sixth, for an original American League franchise, on a cloudy night, with the home team's state's governor in attendance, during a year ending with a zero, chased by dogs, in a losing effort following a win, after skipping lunch, where the triple came last, while also striking out once in the game, and causing a delay in the 8th inning by tripping on the baseline and bursting into flames, for a team that he would eventually manage, all while whacked out on paint fumes, was Mike Hargrove of the 1980 Indians. Which says far, far more about the guys over at Baseball Prospectus than it does about Hargrove.

*Tony La Russa, a righty, turned the trick for the 1970 A's.