Stat of the Moment: 47 min

The shortest professional baseball game ever played took 47 minutes. It was June of 1966, and on their way to a World Series title the Orioles stopped in California to take 3 of 4 from the Angels, winning the second game 1-0. In that game, every batter swung at the first pitch, only Andy Etchebarren made it past first base, and anyone who struck out did so on 3 pitches. The game played out as follows: F7, F7, G4; G5, P6, K; K, 1B, DP 4-6-3; L6, F9, G4; E6, DP 6-4-3, P3; K, L8, L1; 1B, DP 3-4-1, G6; K, G3-1, P8; 1B, DP 5-4-3, L9; G1, L1, P1; K, 1B, DP 3-3; G6, G4, P7; P9, G5, P2; K, G2, L5; P8, G4, G6; 1B, DP 4-6-3, P3; K, HR, K, L9; G5, L9, P9.

Dave McNally got the win, while George Brunet took the loss. All told, they threw 78 pitches. The crowd, many of whom were still arriving, were so bewildered that most remained in their seats for almost half an hour. They started to get restless, so a mic was hastily arranged and the Angels took turns telling jokes and displaying various talents. Jim Fregosi played the banjo.