Stat of the Moment: 17,400 miles

There have been seventeen documented attempts to build a full-scale replica of Angkor Wat entirely out of yarn. If the yarn used in all seventeen attempts were laid end-to-end, it would stretch approximately 17,400 miles, nearly 70% of the Earth's circumference. The seventeen attempts have been spearheaded by thirteen separate individuals and organizations, with the Longview (TX) Chamber of Commerce trying twice, and retired timber magnate Cyrus Grant mounting four tries near his home in Great Falls, MT.

Of the seventeen "Yarn Wats," as they're called, only 6 made it past the halfway point. Grant has gotten the farthest, having completed around 85% of the structure on his second attempt before it flopped over. His many critics within the Yarn Watting circle insist that he could have completed that version had he not insisted on accurately replicating the interior as well as the exterior.

"Grant's ambition got the better of him," Longview project head Stan Carmona says of his rival. "We were disappointed. It's not about being the first, honestly we just want to see one of the damn things get built."