Wrong Window Theater

Analog Nation, in conjunction with Pixel Overload, presents the world premiere of ...
Wrong Window Theater

[10:42] Marko159: well, sometimes you just have to suck it up and kill the penguin [10:42] friendlybob: ... ? [10:46] Marko159: whoops, wrong window [10:46] Marko159: thought you were my roommate [10:46] friendlybob: ... ???

[2:34] jellybean: OMG I was TOTALLY a Winger fan, I still have the jacket! [2:34] MrNorrell: what?! YOU? [2:35] jellybean: oh shit [2:35] jellybean: wrong IM [2:38] jellybean: listen, i'm not even fucking around right now, you CANNOT tell a soul [2:40] MrNorrell: check yer twitter feed =D [2:43] jellybean: ... [2:44] jellybean: die. die like a somali pirate.

[1:12] GolferJoe: did you have something you wanted to bring up at the account manager meeting? [1:31] readhead75: the whole sandpaper-tongue thing was a problem. let's just say that grandma has some weird political views. [1:32] GolferJoe: guess not.

[11:12] SallyBee: so we get the dog to barf it up, and not only does it still work, the battery still had plenty of juice [11:13] vivahate77: what, your phone? [11:13] SallyBee: oh [11:13] SallyBee: whoops [11:21] vivahate77: so the dog ate your phone? [11:22] SallyBee: uh, no [11:26] vivahate77: then what did he eat? [11:31] vivahate77: hello? what did he eat? SallyBee has gone offline.

[12:16] Gimli1978: no, man you have to use formaldahyde. dont try and screw around, just do it like i showed you [12:17] Erica7777: i'm going to pretend like this never happened. [12:19] Gimli1978: hrm. [12:19] Gimli1978: yes. yes you are.

[4:09] moldydread: its cold out, but if I have to choose, I guess a) pineapple and b) snowmobiles [4:13] sirclownshoes: well, glad that's ................. settled?

[11:07] JonasCorpses: so then i took her out back and let her throw up OUTside this time! when she comes back in i think im going to get lucky! [11:07] JonasCorpses: OMG HAVE TO GO, MOMS HOME [11:08] Terradaktil: do i know you? [11:08] Terradaktil: how did you even get on my friends list? [11:15] Terradaktil: but hey, good luck with the young lady, she sounds like a keeper.

[7:10] lollipopz: im jsut thinking of random shit to type at this point [7:12] ByrdsFan12: clearly. [7:12] lollipopz: oh, sorry dad.

[11:58] dr.spengler: i think they broke up after the leaf-blower incident [11:58] Argonaut99: well he was a dick sometimes [11:58] Argonaut99: so i get that [11:59] dr.spengler: he was? [12:00] dr.spengler: oh - this was meant for my brother lol [12:00] dr.spengler: sorry [12:02] Argonaut99: heheh [12:08] Argonaut99: hey, wait a minute [12:08] Argonaut99: you know more than one person who's had a leaf-blower incident?

[3:18] gumbobilly: so i get home, and it's hamsters everywhere [3:18] GlockenFeel: but i can see where Mussolini was coming from [3:19] gumbobilly: wait, who are you talking to? [3:19] GlockenFeel: who are YOU talking to? [3:20] gumbobilly: touche.

[5:52] morfiend: if my excuse strikes you as lame, i would remind you of the maple syrup. [5:53] LOLshot: pretty sure you meant that for someone else, big fella [5:54] morfiend: ha - so i did [5:55] LOLshot: sounds like you need to vent [5:56] morfiend: i'm fine [5:56] morfiend: but some time when we're drunk, ask me why i despise maple syrup

[9:41] CharlieFoxtrot: no it's knit one PEARL 2 [9:41] CharlieFoxtrot: moron [9:42] spudnik2: names hurt [9:43] spudnik2: they hurt in my heart where puppies live [9:44] CharlieFoxtrot: oh, not you. never mind. [10:11] spudnik2: you know what? i'm still kinda pissed, and you weren't even talking to me. wtf? [10:55] CharlieFoxtrot: i said PEARL F-ING 2, DIPSHIT spudnik2 has gone offline.