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[10:12] Andy1976: Morning.[10:12] Status_Busy: hey. [10:13] Andy1976: How are things? [10:13] Status_Busy: my nose keeps running [10:13] Status_Busy: and my arm's pretty sore today, i need one of those carpal tunnel braces [10:15] Andy1976: That sucks. Sorry to hear it. My brother had carpal tunnel problems. [10:15] Andy1976: Logging on a bit late, aren't you? [10:16] Status_Busy: meh. i overslept. [10:16] Andy1976: Drag. [10:16] Status_Busy: yeah, well, i wouldn't have minded so much, but there was no hot water [10:16] Status_Busy: it was like showering in a mountain stream [10:17] Andy1976: Hey, at least it woke you up. [10:17] Status_Busy: true. [10:18] Status_Busy: i was out of cereal, though. [10:18] Andy1976: LOL Not your day, is it. [10:21] Status_Busy: oh, and get this. so i get to my desk, and there's an email to my whole team from the CFO [10:21] Status_Busy: they're bringing in a consultant to evaluate us [10:22] Andy1976: That is NEVER good news. [10:22] Status_Busy: whatever, they can bite me. [10:24] Status_Busy: man, i really wish i'd had time to get coffee on the way in. [10:24] Andy1976: I thought you said your office has a pretty decent coffee machine? [10:25] Status_Busy: it does [10:25] Andy1976: So? [10:25] Status_Busy: so what? [10:25] Andy1976: So get up and go make some, freak. [10:25] Status_Busy: my foot is caught in a bear trap [10:26] Andy1976: Of course it is. [10:26] Status_Busy: hurts more than i would have thought [10:26] Andy1976: And no one's helping you because ... ? [10:26] Status_Busy: they're all in a meeting, talking about the consultant. i volunteered to man the phone because i didn't feel like listening to them panic for half an hour. [10:26] Andy1976: Seems like you might consider using that phone to call for help. [10:27] Status_Busy: phone line went dead, problems with the VoIP server [10:27] Andy1976: Ah. Cell phone? [10:27] Status_Busy: forgot it on kitchen counter in my haste to get to work and step in a bear trap [10:27] Andy1976: Things just keeps getting worse, huh. [10:28] Status_Busy: i guess [10:28] Status_Busy: this also means there's an untrapped bear around here somewhere [10:28] Andy1976: My goodness. [10:28] Status_Busy: and i never should have worn this sweater, too itchy. [10:29] Andy1976: Then take it off. [10:29] Status_Busy: can't, i'd only be wearing a t-shirt and that's against dress code [10:29] Status_Busy: dammit, just gave myself a paper cut. [10:31] Status_Busy: whoops, now the fire alarm's going off [10:31] Status_Busy: aaaaaaand it doesn't appear to be a drill. [10:32] Andy1976: Man, did you kick a gypsy on the way into work or something? [10:32] Status_Busy: it's new york - you expect me to keep track of the people i kicked this morning? [10:32] Andy1976: Well you must have at least a vague idea. [10:32] Status_Busy: do not presume to dictate which vague ideas i must have. [10:32] Andy1976: Fair enough. [10:34] Status_Busy: what the fuck??? the consultant just emailed me directly and says that my position will be "significantly restructured" [10:34] Andy1976: Shouldn't you be trying to evacuate? [10:35] Status_Busy: what does that even mean? how can a restructuring be anything BUT significant?? [10:35] Andy1976: With the running? And the evacuating? Yes? [10:35] Status_Busy: to restructure is, by definition, to CHANGE STRUCTURE [10:36] Andy1976: **HELLO?** Is the building on fire? [10:36] Status_Busy: oh, yeah i think it is. everyone ran outside straight from the conference room. but i'm stuck in this thing, can't pry it open [10:37] Status_Busy: hang on, lemme see if i can reach the window [10:40] Status_Busy: nope. gave myself another paper cut. [10:40] Status_Busy: there goes the bear, fleeing the fire [10:41] Status_Busy: hey did i tell you? i'm pretty sure sarah is sleeping with that guy she's been doing improv with. [10:42] Andy1976: That's ridiculous, no one sleeps with guys who do improv. [10:42] Status_Busy: son of a bitch - i just realized i forgot to drop my netflix dvds in the mail. [10:43] Status_Busy: i really do wish i hadn't overslept. [10:44] Status_Busy: listen, the flames are closing in, and I'm starting to feel faint from blood loss. can you swing by my place later and feed my cat? [10:51] Andy1976: Wait, you ARE joking about all this, right? [11:16] Andy1976: Dude?