Full Disclosure of Promotional Considerations

On Monday, December 1st, the Federal Trade Commission's new guidelines on endorsement transparency go into effect. This is the first time the FTC has updated these rules in nearly thirty years, which means that the rules A) are old enough to have been disappointed by the "Star Wars" prequels, and B) probably love zombies. The most notable additions to the guidelines are §§ 255.0, 255.1, and 255.5 — language that specifically includes bloggers and other online entities. We here at Analog Nation wanted to take this opportunity to fully disclose all promotional considerations. The Analog Nation home page is sponsored by Gap, Inc. This holiday season, let your loved ones know precisely how much you care by showing them where they fall on the gift spectrum:

Old Navy™ (meh) << The Gap™ (getting warmer) << Banana Republic™ (now we're talking)

When writing each week's "Completely True Fact," I get my creative juices flowing with the help of some Eclipse™ Winterfrost© gum and a nice glass of Tropicana™ Pure Premium© grapefruit juice. They taste disgusting together, but that actually helps me focus.

Speaking of focus, Analog Nation's tag cloud is made possible by Novartis, makers of Ritalin®. On those harrowing days when I am unable to get my hands on some Ritalin®, the tag cloud is made possible by can after can of Red Bull™.

Our archives are funded by a charitable grant from Anheuser-Busch InBev, whose products improve my ability to operate heavy machinery (results not typical).

As always, we extend hearty and continuing thanks to Kellogg NA, owners of The Keebler Company, who owns Sunshine Biscuits, who keeps sending us palettes of Cheez-It® for no real reason. It appears to be some sort of clerical error, but we are so not complaining.

Lastly, this post itself was sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC:™ Since 1914, America's #1 Source for Federal Trade Regulations.©®"