Just a Few More Things ...

This little project of mine started last summer, when I was packing to move. I'd been considering doing a couple posts about Chris Scarpino and the band, maybe a two- or three-part story describing our rehearsals at the store. Really, it was an experiment — I wanted to try writing in a longer format, without trying to be funny and without saying "shit" quite so often. As I packed my stuff into boxes, I kept looking around for the paper. I knew it was around somewhere, my copy of The New Hampshire with the article about Chris. When I ran out of stuff to pack, it occurred to me that I must have discarded it at some point.

(Actually that's a lie, I ran out of boxes way before I ran out of stuff to pack.)

I never get rid of anything by accident, so there must have been a moment when I decided I didn't want to hang onto the paper anymore. Maybe it was while packing for a previous move, one of those moments when you stand around your apartment thinking, "Okay seriously, how much of this can I toss?" At some point, I guess it made sense to just recycle the paper. It's not like I ever looked at it.

Well, great. Years later, I finally wanted the damn thing.

Rather than just go ahead without the article, I got it in my craw that the posts would be much better if I tracked it down. When I visited my sister's family to spend some time on New Hampshire's forty-five yards of coastline, she & I took a quick trip to Durham so I could hit the library.

That it grew into seven posts spanning some eight thousand words was a bit of a surprise, and a little worrisome. It was never my intention to drone on and on, in fact I cut it short as much as I could. So if you happen to have read the whole thing:


By the way, Will Edwards never stopped writing songs. He's out in San Diego, and has released a couple solo albums that you can listen to at his website. The San Diego Troubadour did a pretty in-depth profile of him in 2008.

Steve Knecht is out there somewhere, though I haven't managed to find any info about him. Search results are dominated by a songwriter of that name, but he's much younger.

And just so that we're 100% clear, I'm not the Chris Keating from Yeasayer.

Oh, before I forget — there's a fantastic series of articles on The Onion's AV Club called "Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation," written by a guy named Steven Hyden. It's all about the rise and subsequent stagnation of alternative music in the 90s. Reading it while working on this was a nice little piece of kismet.

Finally, I wanted to send some shouts-out to Julie Perron at The New Hampshire and the staff at UNH's Dimond Library for helping me find that old article. That's not a typo, it's spelled Dimond.

Okay. That's about it.