But Enough About That — Let's Bring Out Some Robots

After my scanner broke, it occurred to me that drawing things on paper and then scanning them into a computer is a practice that hails from a previous goddamn century. And if there's anything I hate, it's previous centuries. It took me about fifteen minutes to get the hang of drawing on a Wacom tablet, and then another twenty minutes after that to feel like an idiot for not having bought one in the first place. In theory, this means I will be posting little sketches and what not with far greater frequency than I have in the past. Either way, I have started a Tumblr where these things will live. The feed will also be imported here on AN for those who are comfortable not giving a shit about Tumblr.

Allow me to attach a sample.

See? Not everything around here is an eight thousand word diatribe about my college years.