100 Band Names Generated by Diablo 3

And now, 100 band names courtesy of the random item generator in Diablo 3.

Try out each one by saying the following out loud:

"Thank you, we're __________ ! Come check out our merch table!"

Rare Pants The Flawed Stone Human Knowledge Rift Beating Truth Deliverance Knuckle Prowess Flesh Buckle Mutiny Blitz Hex Rain The Timber Fulminating Flag Fatal Walking Stick Living Dominion Soldier's Cure Juggernaut Revenge Forsaken Hawk The Dam Inscrutable Weapon War Hunger Brigand's Prize Doom Lock The Shoulders Truth Helmet Spontoon of Agony Salubrious Ironwood Shield of Invasion Wild Casque of Focus Protection Craft Stalwart Skin The Shade Scarred Bastion Nomad's Coat Grand Siphon Bone Reminder Mangle Void The Gnaw Blessed Crack Smasher's Deed Hollow Force Awful Hammer Devastator's Method Frigid Fortress Tower Thorn Worthy Keepsake Honor Eater Sinister Fortune Sly Fists Crush Root Thief's Story Hellrack Solid Yumi Highlander's Badge Gruesome Locket Abyssal Focus Hazardous Star Exceptional Ono Thick Silk Shoes Masterwork Wrecker Balanced Reaver Fine Porcupine Sword of Starlight Grim Decapitator of Death Ravage Ruin Sage's Scar The Blitz The Bludgeon Slam Prison Academy Tooth Horrid Smash Black Rake Mental Ploy Daring Coat Dreaded Mail The Robes Prime Redoubt Stout Skull Watchful Heart Broken Crown Standoff Immortal King's Soul Cage Danetta's Rage Sun Keeper Falcon Flurry The Helix Strange Ramparts Vital Incantation Vile Menace Demolisher's Maw Iron Reign Null Sunder Volcanic Shot Bullseye Riot Strong Cross Keen Force Last Judge Shiv Retribution Dire Bane Power Tomb Wicked Point Subtle Essence 62 Gold