Quarterly Journal of the Society of Intrigue

Volume 318, Issue 1 From the editor:

Spring is once again upon us. Death has loosened its grip and the hunt for truth begins anew — time to get out there and explore. The Society has several exciting initiatives lined up for the coming fiscal year, as we look to plumb the very depths of what the mortal mind can know. To this year's contingent of thirteen initiates, I bid you welcome. You were wise to open that box; not everyone shares your fortitude. Each of you were chosen for a reason, though that reason may take years to fully grasp. (Sorry about the initiation rites! One day you'll look back at them and laugh. Some day. Many years from now.)

I wanted to take a moment to address the unpleasantness that has loomed like a murder of crows over these past months. What was at first mere rumor can now be confirmed: The Onyx Contingent has sabotaged several of our efforts, and is plotting to reveal our existence to the public. On the one hand, I must urge both caution and vigilance. On the other, we cannot shutter ourselves away and let fear weaken our bonds. These slippery bastards have thrown their stones at us before. Let them come.

But enough of such trifles. Spring is in the air, and we have work to do. This issue of the QJSI features an eye-opening work of investigative journalism from the great Reginald Thatcher, as well as a photo essay that would be fit to frame were it not for ... well, you'll see.

-Eleanor Greystoke Sedgewick Chairman, Society of Intrigue

Notable deaths, disappearances, voyages of no return, trans-substantiations, transferences of soul to phylactery, emergences into final form (page 5)

Letters to the Editor (Page 9)

  • What to do when CERN learns the terrifying truth about the Higgs Boson? Opinions vary greatly
  • Feedback on the Clockwork Heart experiment
  • What right do we have to question missives issued by the Weeping Vault?
  • There are too many leaves falling from the sky at night while our eyes are draped in broken memories

News Roundup & Current Events (Page 13)

Historical Perspective: Crypto-Numismatism (Page 21) The study of mysterious coins may be derided as a hobby for "eggheads and grandpas," but it has a great deal to teach about the history of nations — what we know, what we think we know, and what we cannot ever know, there is nothing to know, forget you ever read this, in fact why even turn to this page?

Cover Story: The Howl And The Ledger (Page 27) An accountant on holiday in Geneva stepped into a tobacco shop to refill his pipe. What he found there may blow the lid off an impending financial tsunami. Reginald Thatcher explores how the Lycanthrope Accord of 1951 created a black market that is devouring the world's strategic silver reserves.

Point/Counterpoint (Page 51)

  • Point: The Society's supply of dark matter and echofire could accelerate the development of time manipulation and faster-than-light propulsion if it were made available to the world's scientific community.
  • Counterpoint: If they were ready for echofire, they would already be reading these pages.

Photo Essay: Time Out Of Mind (Page 54) The haunted beauty of chronoplasm is compounded by its ephemeral nature — it reflects multiple spectra simultaneously, but within a year's time will have never existed. See these stunning photographs before they disappear from the pages.

Coded Messages (Page 68)

Cartoon Corner (Page 74)

The Final Word with Leonard "Mandrake" McGovern (Page 75) Speaking of crypto-numismatists, someone's a little cranky about all these buffalo nickels!

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